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Exhaust Donut Fix

FX Garage Works Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe eliminates problematic exhaust donuts and gaskets on Yamaha 4-stroke snowmobiles with rear exit exhaust.

Models built between 2003 - 2018 have this frustrating and repetitive issue:
RX1, Venture, Apex, Nytro, Attack, Vector, Phazer, Rage and VK Professional.

Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe

Stock donuts wear down and can destroy your exhaust. If you don't catch the donut wear in time you end up with broken flanges and cracked pipes.

Break from the cycle of pricey and time consuming rear exhaust donut fixes that put your Yamaha snowmobile out of commission!

The F/X Garage Works Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe is made from a 304 stainless steel braided flex pipe "joint". There are 3 walls of strength: the inside braid, an outside braid and an accordion baffle in between. A perfect design for riders with turbos that create high heat and PSI.

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