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Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe

Frustrated on how expensive and time consuming it is to repeatedly fix a Yamaha snowmobile exhaust donut, we at F/X Garage Works have designed a permanent fix.

This custom built replacement eliminates the exhaust donut and all the weak points in the system. Initially designed with copper donuts we soon realized this was not a permanent solution after rigorous real world testing.

The F/X Garage Works Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe is manufactured using 304 stainless steel. This unique part contains a baffle inside a braided flex tube. These automotive components have been around for years, but not for snowmobiles.

The application translates well in a smaller form for the Yamaha snowmobile rear exiting exhaust models (including: RX1, Venture, Apex, Nytro, Attack, Vector, Phazer, Rage and VK Professional). Components have been designed to fit both inside and outside of the pipes so there is no interruption of exhaust flow.

Each pipe comes with 2 clamps and 10 rivets for Y-pipe bracket re-install to the tunnel. Instructions for installation come with the exhaust kit.

See the latest F/X Garage Works HOW-TO video showing you how to install the Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe on a 4 cylinder Yamaha Apex snowmobile.

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