Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe

Replacement for Yamaha Exhaust Donuts

Snowmobile season is always too short. Maintenance work is done months beforehand in hopes of having a carefree season of great rides.

Yamaha 4-stroke snowmobile models with rear exiting exhaust built between 2003 - 2018 have a frustrating and repetitive issue that can keep you sidelined over and over...
the exhaust donuts!

We Have A Solution!

Broken flanges and warn out donuts

Such a simple component, but they wear out and cause more damage than they're worth.

They are made to break down to take the chassis flex between the bulkhead and tunnel. If you don't catch the donut wear in time it can cause damage such as broken flanges and cracked pipes, eventually even destroying your exhaust.

These are pricey fixes, even if you can DIY. We know - we've done them again and again!

Copper Donuts Temporary

Copper donuts temporary

Copper donuts are an option, but not a permanent one.

There's even a flange repair kit, but it's still not a permanent solution.

Within 5,000 km (3,000 miles) you're doing the job all over again and spending more money on parts.

You can choose to replace parts knowing you're going to do the same thing again or you can install a permanent fix!

Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe

Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe

F/X Garage Works has created a custom built replacement which eliminates the exhaust donut and all the weak points in the system.

The braided flex pipe application has been in use for decades. Used on tractors, transport trucks and autos is a testament to it's durability and strength.

Our Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe has 3 layers of steel inside the braid, outside the braid and flexible accordion center.

304 Stainless Steel Braid

201 Stainless Steel Braid

This is a 304 stainless steel braided flex pipe "joint". There are 3 walls of strength: the inside braid, an outside braid and an accordion baffle between.

Lab results showed our Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe did not break when tested between 2500-3000 PSI and 450℃.

Our model is custom made for Yamaha rear exhaust 4-stroke models and have the proper diameter for each model, inside and out.

Braided Flex Pipe

Braided Flex Pipe for Yamaha snowmobiles

The Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe comes with the necessary number of pipes for Yamaha snowmobile models (including: RX1, Venture, Apex, Nytro, Attack, Vector, Phazer, Rage and VK Professional).

Each pipe comes with 2 clamps per part and 10 rivets for Y-pipe bracket installation and instruction sheet.

See the latest F/X Garage Works HOW-TO video showing you how to install the Braided Exhaust Flex Pipe on a 4 cylinder Yamaha Apex snowmobile.

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